Save Money through Reduced Call Backs and Lost Customers

  • Outstanding Quality
  • Meteor Creative uses only Automotive OEM grade materials to produce moldings
  • No Regrind
  • No Lead
  • No High Filler Content
  • No Off-spec Materials Used

By starting with superior materials and applying the highest quality standards in the world you achieve the best moldings available to the auto glass technician. Do not settle for a cheaper alternative which will cost you more in the long run with call backs, lost customers and a bad reputation, demand the best – Ask for a Meteor Creative molding!

Molding Brands

Meteor Creative offers the auto glass technician several options to meet their needs: FlexiTrim universal
moldings, EcoTrim universal moldings and RightTrim vehicle specify moldings. These moldings are
available through our dedicated distributors; find your closest distributor here.

For the auto glass manufacturers, Meteor Creative offers our GripFlex line of moldings. GripFlex is a full line of
moldings that are packaged for use in high volume production environments that demand consistent,
high quality.

Dedication to Service

Meteor Creative is dedicated to serving the needs of the automotive after-market, its customers and vehicle owners. Meteor Creative cares about the auto glass technician and the industry.

Meteor Creative is a proud member of the Associations serving our industry.