More than just a seal.

Meteor Creative profiles can be found in all industrial sectors. Together with our customers we develop, produce and validate tailor-made and reliable gasket and seal solutions.

Design and Function

The optimal use of different material types such as TPE, TPV, rigid and soft PVC and EPDM can be precisely engineered to your requirements. If you need a completely new design or advanced bi- or tri-material extrusions with reinforcement carrier, our engineering experts will have you covered.

Building Industry

As a strategic partner of the building industry we have specialized engineers that can help you from design up with a gasket that is reliable, efficient and state of the art. Whether it be a simple single material extrusion or up to a tri-material extrusion with carrier we will find a first-class solution for you. Our vast finishing possibilities from cutting, notching, tape and butyl application as well as surface treatments such as lubricants and lacquers will add a lot of possibilities to your design.


As a competent partner in the mobility sector, we not only contribute significantly to the comfort of travellers, but also protect them from environmental and industrial influences such as dust, heat or lubricating oils in direct applications. Thanks to our own compound development, we can respond to individual requirements.


Packaging fufills a wide variety of tasks: Dosing, Ease of use and fore most, long lasting protection

Environmental technology

We work as environmentally friendly as possible. In doing so, we not only protect the environment as such but also the environmental technologies from external influences such as UV radiation, temperature fluctuations or industrial influences such as oils and greases.