BOCKENEM, GERMANY / TIPP CITY, OHIO, USA – November 30, 2021 – METEOR Group, a leading manufacturer of engineered rubber products for the automotive industry and industrial applications headquartered in Bockenem, Germany, today announced the strategic acquisition of the operating business of Creative Extruded Products, LLC., now Meteor Creative, Inc.

Creative is a custom plastic and rubber profile extrusion and injection molding company based in Tipp City, Ohio, USA, with more than 40 years of experience and renowned engineering as well as production know-how.

The acquisition is an important strategic milestone in METEOR’s global growth strategy, strengthening its North American customer base and expanding its technological capabilities within plastic components.

The acquisition will expand METEOR’s technological capabilities and solidify its presence in North America

METEOR and Creative have a substantial product and customer complementarity. With the acquisition, METEOR will be able to offer its clients a comprehensive portfolio of rubber and plastic sealing solutions.

Creative will add key know-how and technology in thermoplastic products (PVCs, ABS, polycarbonate, TPR, TPV, TPO, and others) to METEOR, whilst also reinforcing its already strong portfolio of EPDM rubber for both dense and sponge materials.

Furthermore, Creative has a valuable customer base of blue-chip TIER-1 suppliers for the North American automotive industry which are highly complementary to METEOR’s strong customer base of automotive OEMs, creating a more diversified and larger customer base for the group.

Joining forces with METEOR, Creative is well situated to continue its growth trajectory, ensuring trustworthy and committed relationships with its international customers and business partners.

“The acquisition is an important milestone in our long-term strategy to grow in North America and expand our product portfolio. This acquisition will enable us to serve our renowned U.S. customer base with a broader technology focus. We are looking forward to working closely with Creative’s highly motivated employees and workforce on building this successful new chapter for Meteor Creative.”

– Robert Roiger, CEO of the METEOR Group


Acquired end of 2019 by AEQUITA, the METEOR Group is a leading manufacturer of highly specialized seals and sealing systems for the automotive and industrial markets using elastomer compounds that

generates c. USD 180 million in revenues globally. Its sealing systems provide safety, functionality, and comfort to cars, rail and air transport, construction as well as electrical and home appliances. Over the last 70 years, METEOR has evolved into an innovative global supplier of sealing systems with production locations in Germany, the USA, and Romania. Moreover, with more than 360 customers worldwide, METEOR is globally renowned for its outstanding quality and reliability, ensuring longstanding and committed customer relationships with blue-chip OEMs like DAIMLER, BMW, the VW Group, and the Stellantis Group as well as industrial clients such as SCHÜCO.

Creative Extruded Products, LLC.

Creative Extruded Products, LCC. is a custom plastic and rubber profile extrusion and injection molding company, with a diverse production capability. Creative comes along with an in-depth value chain, working with its customers from prototyping, product development through production. Founded in 1979, Creative has vast experience in the custom profile extrusion and assembly business. Creative can make simple to complex plastic and rubber profile extrusions and complete assemblies to solve its customers’ needs.


AEQUITA is a Munich-based family office investing in special situations including corporate carve-outs, successions, and recovery situations across Europe. With a strong capital base, entrepreneurial expertise and a partnership approach, the team focuses on the acquisition and long-term value enhancement of companies that can benefit from an operational engagement. AEQUITA brings a fresh and sound view to all areas of the business, such as sales development, production optimization and efficiency measures, which can help management to drive sustainable growth. AEQUITA contributes not only the capital, but also the vision, inspiration and operational impetus needed to reach the next stage in the development of its companies and their success stories.